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Alpha and Omega Reconciliation and Peace Building (AREPEB)


Our Programmes

We, AREPEB, are committed one stop Centre for peace building, conflict transformation, promotion of human rights and good governance, humanitarian activities and love for humanity as ways which contribute to the economic growth at individual, group and national levels. We also ensure that administration and dispensation of justice, services and goods in both public and private institutions are delivered in an environment free of corruption.

We work to halt spread of conflict, to provide humanitarian assistance to those stricken by disasters, and to advocate for peaceful co-existence. Our programs reflect our organization's belief that peace is the most basic human right, and also that peace and sustainable development are interdependent and indivisible.
Our Programmes include;

Our Strategic Programmes

We, AREPEB, are an NGO that has strategic programmes that are focusing on strengthening capacity of communities and stakeholders. These programs include;
Peace Building


Peace and development are interdependent and indivisible. Throughout the world, intellectual and spiritual energies are spent to end conflicts, sufferings and ruins of war which no nation is any longer immune. The first decade of the 21st century was the bloodiest in Africa in which many lives were ... Read more
Conflict Transformation and Reconciliation


Conflict Transformation strategies refer to outcomes -, process – and structure-oriented long-term peace building effects. It aims to overcome the revealed forms of of direct, cultural and structural violence completely. Conflict Transformation not only moves beyond the aims of both Conflict ... Read more
Preventing Violent Extremism (PVE) and Transforming It


Radicalization and violent extremism are not new to Africa, but have evolved over the last two decades in more significant ways. This is not just a reflection of jihadist groups’ recent inventiveness and adaptation, but the culmination of longer-term historical and global trends. It has continued ... Read more
Organization Capacity Development


Capacity building and institutional development are key to human capital formation, mobilization, absorption and efficient use of resources, monitoring, validation of externally supported change and translation of policies and plans into practice.

However, one of the most recognized fundamental weaknesses of civil society in Tanzania today, AREPEB being one of them, is the lack of appropriate and effective governance and management capacity to respond adequately to the diverse problems and challenges of development. For majority of the civil society organizations, their governance and management systems remain either underdeveloped or inappropriate for engaging in adequate analysis and response to the changing political, social and economic environment.

Thus, to achieve this goal, two strategic objectives have been developed, namely “Governance and Institutional Capacity Building” and “Documentation and Information Systems Development.”
Fundraising and Sustainability


The ability to mobilize resources is a valuable skill for advocacy networks. Access to financial resources expands the options available to the advocacy network and gives members the freedom to try new, creative, or even higher-risk activities than would be possible with limited funds. But no matter how much an advocacy campaign benefits from financial resources, it is entirely possible to launch a successful campaign with the resources and energy of network members alone.

Other Activities

Project Identification and Management

We work closely with stakeholders to identify projects that can foster peace and harmony withing communities. We believe that solving societal problems collectively creates a sense of belonging and one learn to appreciate each other by establishing collaborations and team work.

Gathering Information and Dissemination

We believe that information is power and getting correct information helps in good decision making. We at AREPEB work tirelessly to ensure we gather timely and correct information and disseminate it to the target audience.

This includes and not limited to sharing gathering and sharing information on opportunities available, government policies, emerging and trends that need community participations among others.
Lobbying and Advocacy

We work hand in hand with both government and non-governmental organizations, policy makers and influencers to advocate for the rights of all. We remain as a voice to the voice less to advocate for equity and equality.

Capacity Building

At AREPEB, we have programs that are towards community empowerment to ensure the target audience get the correct skills for sustainable development especially in ICT and Entrepreneurship.
Resource Mobilization and Fundraising

To achieve our desired goal, we do partner with several stakeholders to mobilise resource to facilitate our operations.
Community Mobilization

You might have a good product or project to benefit a community but you get a challenge of implementation. We are good at community mobilization. We quickly learn the benefit of a project and community its solutions to a community that makes them own the project and ensure that the main goal of any project is meat with little effort.



Organisational Goals

Organizational Goal 1: To be recognized by stakeholders as the lead agency for community-based initiatives in Peace building, Conflict Transformation, Prevention of Violent Extremism and Poverty Eradication.
Organizational Goal 2: To be a learning organization.

Programme Goals

Program Goal 1: To be the leading agency in strengthening capacity of peace building, conflict transformation, prevention of violent extremism and poverty eradication for those affected by insecurity and abuse of religion as a means to justify oppression, violence and conflict in Tanzania.

Program Goal 2: To be one of the primary reference organizations for building the capacity of local communities and stakeholders to implement Peace building, Conflict Transformation, Prevention of Violent Extremism and Poverty Eradication initiatives.  Read more

Strategic Program Objectives

Against the background of the above situation and challenges, the following constitute the principal strategic program objectives that AREPEB will seek to achieve in the next five years:
To build and strengthen the capacity of grassroots communities and other stakeholders in peacebuilding and peacemaking at the local and national levels.

  • To build and strengthen the capacity of grassroots communities and other stakeholders in conflict transformation at community and national levels.
  • To study, analyse and establish social, economic and ecological sources of tensions and conflicts including the traditional and community-based initiatives and strategies.
  • To establish effective peace and conflict information and monitoring systems at both community and national levels.
  • To mount civic and public education on governance at local communities and other stakeholders.
  • To promote social justice to address inequalities within communities.
  • To build capacity of communities and other stakeholders in their efforts to identify, understand, document and address issues relating to Violent Extremism.
  • To build and strengthen accountability, governance, management and information sharing capacities for effective response to the challenges of peace, conflict transformation and violent extremism.
  • To mount fundraising campaign as a process of identifying sources of possible financial support for the project and administrative costs.